Openreach calls on businesses to audit phone systems

Openreach is calling on UK businesses to conduct an audit of their systems and devices in preparation of the PSTN reaching the end of its life in December 2025.

Over the next four years, more than 14 million traditional lines across the UK will be upgraded to new digital services. Many businesses and organisations are still using a range of systems that are reliant on phone lines, including alarm services, lifts, payment card readers and medical equipment. All of these will need to be considered before the upgrade.

Through conducting a thorough review of all the current devices that rely on phone lines, organisations can prepare for the logistical challenges that come with the upgrade. James Lilley, director of ALL-IP at Openreach, explained, “Ahead of the switch from analogue to digital phone lines, it’s crucial that businesses understand their current systems and the implications of the shift. This upgrade will provide the nation with faster, more reliable services and will allow devices to become more connected, providing UK industry with a framework from which it can develop innovative emerging technologies. Taking these simple steps now will make the process of upgrading much smoother.

“For those businesses that want to understand more, we’d encourage them to sign up to our ‘Call Waiting List’, which will provide organisations with regular updates about our activities and the potential implications on their operations, as well as guidance and examples of how they can make the transition a smooth one.”

To retire the analogue phone network by the end of 2025 an average of 50,000 analogue lines will need to be upgraded to digital every week. Openreach’s ‘Call Waiting List’ service will provide bespoke advice for businesses of different sizes, in different sectors and with different needs so they know how and when they need to take action.

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