Openreach To Fuel Competition With Launch Of New Ethernet Product

Openreach today announced its intention to launch Ethernet Backhaul Direct, a backhaul solution due to become available in May 2008.

By realising the cost efficiencies of the 21st Century Network, Openreach is able to offer a new, improved pricing structure for backhaul through Ethernet Backhaul Direct. Communications Providers should expect to see savings of up to 50 per cent for the majority of Ethernet Backhaul Direct circuits, when compared with existing prices for backhaul services. The use of the 21st Century Network as a delivery mechanism for Ethernet Backhaul Direct will also enable Openreach to offer higher bandwidths ensuring that Communications Providers can meet the ever-increasing demand for next generation broadband applications.

Ethernet Backhaul Direct is designed for all types of Communications Providers, which makes it particularly suitable for customers focused on business markets, further stimulating competition in the UK telecommunications industry.

Andrew Jones, Managing Director, Business Transformation, Openreach said, “Ethernet Backhaul Direct is a highly efficient and competitively priced, backhaul product. This demonstrates our commitment to the market and to our Communications Provider customers, and builds on our investment in LLU. Our aim is to ensure that the UK continues to have one of the most innovative and competitive telecommunications industries in the world, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.”

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