Openwave launches mobile analytics service

Openwave Systems, a software innovator enabling revenue-generating personalised services which converge the mobile and broadband experience, has announced the launch of the Openwave Mobile Analytics service, a service that combines the expertise of the company’s professional services with the rich analytics and reporting capabilities of Openwave’s Mobile Analytics solution.

Openwave Mobile Analytics includes the Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI) module, which characterises mobile internet traffic, including subscriber access to URLs, the duration of website visits and how frequently subscribers are accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile Analytics also includes the Openwave Behavioural Targeting module, which correlates data from a carrier’s subscriber demographics and classifies website traffic to create behavioural categories of subscribers that can be used to develop targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

John Delaney, research director for European Consumer Mobile at IDC, stated: “Mobile carriers are currently experiencing a strong increase in mobile internet traffic. The carriers have a clear need to understand the nature of this activity, but that task is difficult because the more sophisticated end-user devices can bypass the traditional carrier gateways. Solutions that address this problem, enabling carriers to track and analyse the nature of their subscribers’ data activity, will be crucial to carriers’ efforts to maintain a high-value position in an increasingly complex value chain.”

The Openwave Mobile Analytics service works in conjunction with Openwave’s Integra transparent proxy, providing carriers with the ability to monitor, manage and monetise all mobile internet traffic. In addition, the Openwave Mobile Analytics service helps carriers understand how social networking traffic impacts SMS revenue, who is monetising smartphone traffic and how it is being done, and how data plans are impacting per subscriber traffic rates.

Sean MacNeill, vice president and general manager for services management and global services at Openwave, added: “Business intelligence is the key element to monetising the mobile internet. By better understanding mobile data usage patterns, carriers can identify and deliver relevant revenue generating services. Openwave Mobile Analytics creates a window for carriers to build a 360 degree view of their subscribers individually or in aggregate. The service provides a clear map of the content being accessed and the audiences using it, which is critical information that can help operators to monitor, manage and monetise the mobile internet.”

Unlike many of the current analytics solutions available on the market today, Openwave’s next generation Mobile Analytics service does not require cookies or JavaScript to tag and monitor user activity. This service also provides operators with business intelligence and reporting that not only describes what is happening in their network, but also provides insightful information as to why it is happening and what is likely to happen in the near future. One of the major benefits of this new service is its capability to provide early identification of mobile data trends, enabling operators to make timely decisions that avoid service problems and increase revenues.

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