Openwave raises bar in mobile data scalability

Openwave, one of the world’s leading software innovators enabling revenue-generating personalised services which converge the mobile and broadband experience, has announced that Integra, their next generation mobile internet service management solution, has reached a new benchmark in continuously striving to meet the world’s growing demand for mobile internet services.

Kathleen Brush, interim vice president of marketing, Openwave, said: “Integra is helping our customers meet the growing capacity and service demands as the mobile internet evolves into a more sophisticated, full HTTP mobile broadband-like service. Today, with the help of Integra and its value-added services, Openwave is serving next generation mobile data services to over 250 million subscribers worldwide and is collectively handling in excess of 190 thousand transactions per second across its install base. We are very excited to have reached this volume. This is a fine indicator of the growth of the mobile internet and the role Openwave plays in supporting our customers to effectively manage this growth.”

Integra, along with the portfolio of value added services it provides, is uniquely placed to handle the growth of Smartphone related mobile internet traffic. Worldwide data suggests that Smartphone penetration is rapidly increasing. These devices are more data intensive, are used more frequently than feature phone devices and typically have twice as many transactions that are twice the size of transactions performed on feature phones. The Integra service management solution scales to meet this demand while ensuring that the operator’s investment in network infrastructure to support the increased over the air data volumes is minimized. This is accomplished by applying appropriate optimization techniques, and without compromising the end user experience.

Integra’s lightweight service intermediation is designed to deliver common services across multiple protocols in an increasingly demanding mobile data environment. The solution is designed to rapidly scale and deploy new mobile data services across networks and devices.

“Integra brings the capabilities of our mobile access gateway to the next level, providing open internet browsing capabilities that truly embrace the seamless Web 2.0 experience,” said Brush. “We’re pleased with the Integra deployments that we’ve had to date. Our customers are innovative operators worldwide who are embracing opportunities to improve the internet experience on mobile devices.”

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