Opera Appoint Mark Sawyer

Opera Telecom has appointed Mark Sawyer as Sales Manager for Network Operators and Platforms, to develop existing relationships with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and support the company through its international growth.

Opera Telecom already has relationships with all of the UK’s Mobile Network Operators. Sawyer’s role involves developing and managing these relationships to ensure customer satisfaction, through offering new products and adapting existing solutions to customer expectations. Moving forward, Sawyer will also be looking to build relationships with other MNOs as part of Opera Telecom’s drive to secure further business within international markets.

Sawyer will also be responsible for increasing awareness of Dragon, Opera Telecom’s unique self-service platform. Since the launch of the Dragon platform in March 2005, Opera Telecom has seen a continued expansion into international markets, offering a distinctive proposition whilst guaranteeing customers a superior level of customer service in terms of effectiveness, scalability and speed.

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