Orange Fleet Link prevents SITA UK vehicle theft

In June 2009, professional thieves attempted to steal a vehicle from the Blackburn depot of SITA UK, a recycling and waste management company. However, the would-be robbers were left empty handed thanks to Orange’s vehicle tracking and workforce management solution, Fleet Link.

The vehicle was fitted with the Orange Fleet Link system so was being closely monitored by security services company, Securi-Guard. Immediately alerted to the attempted robbery, Securi-Guard were able to use the Fleet Link system to remotely immobilise the vehicle’s engine over the Orange mobile network.

Having been thwarted, the thieves fled the depot and the vehicle was later found with no more damage than a smashed steering wheel. As a result, SITA UK saved an estimated £70,000 in insurance claims as well as avoided high vehicle off-road costs and fees that would have been incurred from renting an interim vehicle to replace the stolen equipment.

Adrian Chard, fleet procurement officer, said: “In the past we have had a significant problem with vehicle theft. Following the installation of the Orange Fleet Link Security Tracking to our entire fleet of 175 Ro Ro vehicles, the number of thefts has dwindled to virtually none. This has saved us thousands in insurance claims and lost business and has, therefore, been a success across the board.”

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