Orange launches Corporate Capped plan

Orange has announced a new price plan for its large business customers that will help them manage costs better, by fixing their monthly mobile bill in advance.

Corporate Capped allows larger business customers to pay a pre-agreed fixed monthly fee according to their mobile use, and is composed of a set number of inclusive minutes plus their choice of a range of benefits, including roaming minutes, International Direct Dial (IDD) calls, SMS messages and a UK data allowance.

Recognising that even while the economy begins to pick up, businesses still need to control their spending, Orange has designed Corporate Capped specifically for larger customers, to help them predict their mobile costs and stay on budget.

The plan caters for previously unpredictable costs, such as web browsing or calls made when travelling, meaning budget holders can avoid any nasty surprises and have the reassurance of knowing exactly what their bill will be every time.

Available to all businesses with more than 500 users, Corporate Capped is tailored to individual needs. By analysing their mobile usage with Orange, customers can agree the right plan for them and review it on a quarterly basis, paying a set amount for usage each month.

This predictability can also help to simplify internal budgeting, as businesses can charge the right cost centre for calls without having to go through every single bill, saving them time and hassle. Fair usage policy applies.

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