Orange launches Mobile Fleet

Orange Business Services has launched Mobile Fleet, a set of tools designed to increase the productivity and availability of fleets of vehicles and mobile workers within small and medium size businesses.

The solution includes customisable, award winning Orange Mobile Forms, 4MB of data allowance and access to real time traffic updates from the RAC and Trafficmaster.

Recognising that road-based businesses have different needs to those based at a desk, Orange Mobile Fleet removes the need for drivers to constantly return to base. It enables detailed job specifications to be delivered to field workers and, in return, for them to send job updates and invoices back to their headquarters, saving time and money in the process.

The inclusive 4MB data ensures the sending and receiving of approximately 1,000 standard Mobile Forms is included within the price. Real time traffic updates, received by calling 240 from an Orange phone, give mobile workers a convenient way to avoid traffic congestion between jobs and get their work done faster.

Martin Lyne, director of small business at Orange Business Services, commented: “We’re giving our fleet based small and medium size customers the tools to keep their workforce more productive for longer. Less time spent on admin means more time spent with customers. Coupling Mobile Forms with the 240 traffic alert and free 4MB data allowance means the net effect of Mobile Fleet is reduced travel, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. A positive result all round.”

Mobile Forms can be easily customised using a drag and drop menu and requires no specialist IT support. Data can be sent and received in real time and can be exported in various formats to standard business applications such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.

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