Orange launches new multimedia store in Milton Keynes

Orange has launched its first ever UK Multimedia Store, delivering a completely new dimension of multimedia services to the community in the area.

Situated in thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes, this one of a kind concept store is unlike any of the other 401 Orange stores in the UK because it was designed specifically to encourage engagement between consumers and the incredible range of multimedia technology that is available through Orange.

Sian Doyle, director of Orange retail said: “Milton Keynes offers the perfect venue to launch the first ever Orange Multimedia Store. Its young demographic and forward thinking population plus the estimated potential 297,000 mobile users in the city, tells us there is high demand for the latest mobile, broadband and digital solutions. Also, as a sign of our commitment to the Milton Keynes area, we were able to have the much anticipated Motorola DEXT with MOTOBLUR available exclusively on opening day, a day before it goes on sale anywhere else in the world.”

The mobile market is changing rapidly, with devices and the services operators provide evolving all the time giving you access to a wide range multimedia on the go. The Orange Multimedia Store in Milton Keynes brings the best of mobile multimedia together, creating a ‘live’ experience of what can be accessed and achieved through the mobile.

The demand for such an advanced store is backed up by the surge in the popularity and consumption of digital media. Orange’s fifth digital media index shows a digital media boom in data usage across mobile phones especially in the area of entertainment and social networking, which increased by 129% in 12 months. Dongle use increased by 4,125% while music and video downloads via mobile have increased by 38% in the last six months alone.

The Orange Multimedia Store in thecentre:mk is a digital playground, ranging from its giant 70 inch cinema style screen and seating at the front of the store to the bouncy rubber floor when you first walk in. The seated area has been created for new product demonstrations, basic education workshops and film previews, as well as offering it to the local community as a unique platform for endless possibilities, such as book signings and product launches.

The store will also feature live handsets for customers to engage with all the services available from Orange while the showcase screen on the main wall, which is one of the biggest in the UK, is the place where all the mobile technology available in store will be brought to life on a large scale.

Cherry Peters, manager of the new store said: “Advances in digital media are staggering and increasingly becoming an essential part of our everyday life. Therefore, the need to keep up has never been greater, which is why Orange has created a fun and entertaining centre for all to enjoy whether you’re a tech savvy teen or less aware of what your digital devices can offer to make your life easier.”

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