Orange launches Orange Gestures

Orange is today launching two new and exclusive Orange Homescreen developments, Orange Gestures and Orange Live Wallpapers, for Android smartphones that support Orange Homescreen.

Orange Gestures provides 27 designs which users can assign to an action or application, such as speed dialling, sending a text to a specific contact or launching a weather widget or a game. There is no need to scroll, search or click through multiple steps in order to launch an application or more importantly, an action within an application.

Julian Hubbard, Homescreen design manager, Orange Group, commented: “End users can assign any application supported in the device, including third party apps, to any gesture. Our research has shown us that end users can remember three to four, to a maximum of five gestures, so there is plenty of choice for each user to find the gestures that suit them. It’s a great transparent layer to sit over the Homescreen.”

Additionally, Orange Live Wallpapers has taken the concept of ‘live’ wallpapers one step further by integrating the actual functionality of a specific application into the dynamic aesthetic of the wallpaper design itself, making them much smarter than standard designs. The first of these ‘smart’ wallpapers to launch in the second quarter of 2011 is Orange Candles, a photorealistic candle that burns down in six stages, giving a true indication of battery life.

The design is also reactive; the flame flickers as a user scrolls from left to right. Five more designs will be rolled out across Orange Android Signature smartphones in 2011, allowing customers to choose a homescreen experience that matches their style and needs.

Yves Maitre, senior vice president, Orange group devices and mobile multimedia, said: “ We are continually looking at ways to bring added value to our customers through the Orange Homescreen, offering simple, differentiating services and improved functionality. The homescreen plays a fundamental role in our Signature strategy, introducing both new and relevant Orange and third party services to our customers. Orange Gestures and Orange Live Wallpapers are our latest offerings to harness the innovation capabilities of the Android platform on our Signature phones. We make sure every pixel counts in order to deliver Orange customers with a sophisticated, stylish and simple experience.”

Yves Christol, head of the advanced software centre for devices, Orange Labs, added: “Ultimately this experience must be totally useful as well, whether that’s quickly being able to tell how much battery you have, or using a familiar gesture to call your closest friend. Our latest customer-centric innovation demonstrates perfectly how Orange has a role as a digital coach, helping our customers get the most from their devices and services.”

Orange Gestures and Live Wallpapers will be available on all new Orange Android Signature smartphones across the Orange footprint from Q2 2011. Orange will showcase both these innovations at Mobile World Congress 2011. Visit the Orange Mobile World Congress stand at CY07.

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