Orange launches People Projects

Orange is launching People Projects, a new Facebook application that lets people communicate with their network and create groups online that want to support, or be part of community projects.

In line with Orange’s brand vision ‘Together we can do more’, the new service is making it possible for individuals to call on the internet community to contribute to their projects, connecting people through volunteering in a powerful way.

The new service encourages web users to discover a number of initiatives where they are based, get in touch with the project owners or other volunteers, and communicate with one another. It also lets the groups demonstrate their achievements and share them with the world.

Starting in France and the UK, People Projects is based on an application developed for and in social networks (with Facebook leading the way), as well as its own supporting site.

To support a project, three levels of interaction are possible: viewing and distributing the project, expressing your support, putting yourself forward as an active participant.

From today, all web users registered on Facebook are able to download the People projects by Orange in order to create their own project and invite people to take part. In the future, Orange might offer the application on other community networks in addition to Facebook, as well as release a version for the mobile.

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