Orbix sticks with O2 Wholesale

Orbix International is a UK-based company that provides communications solutions to Japanese expats living in Britain. As the only ADSL provider in the UK that provides Japanese language telecommunications services, Orbix supplies to a specific market niche that is accustomed to both a high speed, reliable bandwidth connection and excellent levels of customer service.

Customers trust Orbix to arrange all of their telecommunications needs when they arrive in the country and Orbix provides a wide range of services that rely on watertight wholesale provision. In order to position itself as a better alternative to mainstream UK services for the Japanese expat community, and to maintain its strong reputation, Orbix has to provide the highest level of service possible. Because of its need to provide well-informed customer service, it was essential to Orbix that it had constant access to a comprehensive overview of end-user connections.

Orbix chose O2 Wholesale (then Be Wholesale) in 2006 because of its ground breaking speeds and impressive reputation within the channel. The portal provided to resellers by O2 Wholesale is particularly valuable for Orbix as it enables the company to have more control and visibility over the services that it provides, which in turn benefits customers.

The service from O2 Wholesale has proven a great success for Orbix, where fast upload and download speeds have been especially beneficial for its business customers. Operating on a non-legacy network, with a policy of upscaling exchange capacity at 70% rather than the 90% adopted by other network operators, means that the O2 Wholesale service is particularly dependable and has a high throughput. Orbix is also beginning to see an increased demand from customers for joined up communications.

“We were drawn to O2 Wholesale initially because of the market-leading speeds on offer,” says Aki Furuzawa from Orbix. “We stayed because the service has always met our high expectations, and in the current environment, we have more need than ever to operate on a dependable network which won’t buckle under any increased strain on bandwidth. Our customers depend heavily on us to set up their communications in a new and unfamiliar part of the world, so the openness and control that O2 Wholesale gives us in relation to our customers’ connections is paramount to ensure that we don’t let them down.”

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