Orca Digital launches freephone mobile numbers

Orca Digital today announced what they describe as a UK first with the launch of freephone mobile numbers – using 5-digit voice short-codes which are free for callers and paid for by the called party.

Whilst 0800 ‘free’ phone services have long been available in the UK – their use has deteriorated rapidly in recent years as mobile callers are charged a substantial premium to call these numbers (they’re not free at all), resulting in ‘bill shock’ and preventing most callers from dialling an 0800 number from their mobiles.

Orca Digital provides a memorable 5-digit phone number and calls to this number are free of charge regardless of which mobile network they are calling from. Calls are then routed to an existing telephone number or call centre – using the service provider’s existing infrastructure and requiring no additional work. As there’s only a limited range of 5-digit numbers available, interested companies are encouraged to act quickly to secure their preferred choice of number.

Steve George, Business Development Director at Orca Digital, said “We’re extremely excited by the potential for freephone voice short-codes – for the first time ever in the UK companies, brands and marketers can now offer mobile callers a freephone service. Whether it be sales, customer service or information lines – the overall experience improves when customers know they don’t pay for the privilege of getting in touch with you.”

As the UK’s largest provider of voice short-codes, Orca Digital has collaborated closely with the mobile operators to develop freephone mobile numbers. Only now are they finally available across all UK mobile operators – a crucial requirement for market adoption.

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