Organisations unprepared for iPhone security threat

A new survey from Vanson Bourne, sponsored by DeviceLock, has revealed that companies are failing to appreciate the risks attached to iPhone use among employees.

Coinciding with the introduction of DeviceLock’s endpoint security support for iPhone devices, the survey quizzed senior IT decision-makers in medium to large firms on their attitude towards the security threat posed by the iPhone.

The survey revealed that while 65% of IT decision makers recognised that unauthorised users could access valuable company data through the iPhone, 64% said they had not taken any steps to secure company data against this threat.

Given the high number of companies with inadequate protection against data breaches via an iPhone, the survey also revealed that 40% of businesses knowingly allow staff to download company data onto removable devices without any security provision.

Sacha Chahrvin, managing director at DeviceLock UK, commented: “We know that the consumerisation of corporate IT is an increasing problem for IT departments. The amount of removable and mobile memory-enabled devices that employees have on their person at any one time is now quite considerable, be it a USB stick or an iPhone. Therefore, we were very surprised to see that most companies were not prepared for this threat. DeviceLock 6.4.1, which is now in beta, will provide a secure way for companies to have more control over how employees use their iPhones as a business tool.”

This DeviceLock version has added granular access control, auditing and shadowing capabilities for the local synchronizations of iPhone devices connected to employee computers. Now companies can set permissions for different data types (media, contacts, files, etc.) transferring to/from iPhone. It also enables auditing and shadowing for objects copying from the PCs to iPhones.

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