Orr Loosens Ties with Teleware

Peter Orr, sales director at Teleware is moving on from the company. After working with Teleware for over two years and building up their channel to market , with resellers, networks and system intergrators Orr has decided it is time to move on to new challenges.

Contrary to reports elsewhere however, Orr has told Comms Business Magazine that he will be continuing to work on a project basis with Teleware until he finds a new post.

Orr is probably one of best ‘networkers’ in the business and has a huge and diverse array of contacts made and maintained throughout his long career in the industry. It will therefore be interesting so see where he emerges in the future as he has a track record in picking winners.

Lesley Hansen, marketing director at Teleware commented, “Peter’s strengths have always been the contacts he has and the recruitment of channel partners and in this respect he has been very successful at Teleware.

The company is now moving in to a new phase of reseller consolidation and support but Peter, with whom we remain on excellent terms, will continue to work closely with us on a number of projects this year.”

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