OTA Report LLU Figures to End 2006

Peter Black, the Telecommunications Adjudicator has reported there are now greater than one million, three hundred thousand lines unbundled in the UK.

“The key issues going forward are the ongoing success of the Service Improvement Plans, Openreach Systems (EMP) stability and industry adoption and Migrations processes being fit for industrial use and adopted by CPs.

The Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines has now increased from 83% to 94% against a target of 98%, so significant improvements are now coming through from the Service Improvement Plan. This is excellent news however the good performance of SMPF (shared) is masking a significant underperformance on MPF (fully unbundled). MPF is improving (currently 68%), but not fast enough and is well below target. The OTA is investigating in greater depth to understand and help resolve the underlying issues between Openreach and CPs for MPF.”

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