OTA Responds to Criticisms

Peter Black, the independent Telecommunications Adjudicator has responded to the open letter sent to him earlier this week (See this web site – Top Stories dated 14 November) by consultant Brian Powell who was voicing his concerns over local loop unbundling.

The OTA response is as below.

Mr Powell

Thanks for your recent strongly worded email on the OTA & Openreach announcements of One Million lines unbundled in the UK. I will not comment on areas that are clearly Ofcom’s, however I am happy to comment on your note from an OTA perspective.

On the OTA website it has been clear all along that the Vision for the LLU Industry for 2006 was to have the operational capability to deliver a million unbundled lines by the end of the year. This objective has clearly been met and with major plans from a number of large operators, e.g.: Sky/Easynet, Carphone Warehouse, AOL, Orange & Tiscali amongst others to unbundle many more exchanges there is a healthy market developing on the LLU platforms. These companies are investing large sums in unbundling.

We are not at all embarrassed by meeting a tough target, it is now down to the market as to how far LLU goes forward. You may wish to compare the retail pricing and penetration in UK versus other countries. You may also wish to reflect on the reality that changes in market shares do not happen overnight and the momentum is now clearly underway.

We at all times champion the ‘end customer’ service. That is why we have always had KPIs that represent the impact on end customers.

I too would have liked things to happen even quicker, however, given the first four years only produced 15000 lines unbundled and we have now met one million, with plans in place for many more, I believe we have success to celebrate on behalf of the UK and Consumers.

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