Outsourcery enables organisations to take advantage of Data Centres

Outsourcery has Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) certification for its new Assured O-Cloud platform at OFFICIAL for PSN (formerly IL3) in addition to its existing O-Cloud platform at OFFICIAL Internet (formerly IL2).

Last week saw the launch of Crown Hosting Data Centres, with the Cabinet Office (Government Digital Service) and Ark Data Centres Limited entering a framework contract and joint venture to deliver legacy hosting services.

Outsourcery’s PGA OFFICIAL PSN (formerly IL3) platform operates out of Ark’s data centres in the UK. Government departments who move their environments to Ark, via the Crown Hosting Framework, can take advantage of near proximity cloud services due to Outsourcery operating out of the same data centres. Outsourcery is well positioned to help organisations understand what they should move to the cloud and how best to move it, including managing hybrid cloud environments.

“Outsourcery brings agility, flexibility and commercial best practice to the UK public sector with our accredited cloud services. We work with organisations as they transition from physical infrastructure to the cloud and begin managing hybrid cloud environments,” says Simone Hume, Head of Public Sector at Outsourcery. “We are ideally placed to support public sector departments moving to Ark’s data centres who will benefit from our near proximity cloud services as they’ll be delivered from the same data centres, taking advantage of our accredited cloud services and Ark’s environmental and security credentials.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine