Outsourcery launches own cloud platform with O-Cloud

Cloud Service Provider Outsourcery, has announced the launch of its cloud platform called the ‘O-Cloud’.

Dan Germain, director of hosting infrastructure for Outsourcery said, “Outsourcery has led the cloud market with both product and services innovation for the past few years and O-Cloud will place us in a strong position to present a serious challenge to the larger players in the industry which have size but not agility. On current evidence it is clear that cloud has matured and according to recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), companies are looking to cloud to increase business agility, as well as reduce IT costs, but are not always certain of the best way forward. To facilitate customer migration we have built this platform from the ground up and use our Transformational Services to work closely with the customer at all stages, leaving nothing to chance.”

Outsourcery says O-Cloud has been designed to deliver a number of unique advantages over more traditional cloud suppliers. ‘As expected, the O-Cloud will provide a high-availability platform on which to run critical line of business applications as well as deliver failover. However it is also setting new standards in true business grade services by providing integrated network-level security and DR features such as Intrusion Detection as standard, as well as optional recovery into a secondary site. O-Cloud goes further and whilst most Cloud Services Providers supply high availability, back up and support, and a few can even deliver fail-over, there are many who leave the customer to make their own decisions about what services they need. A huge USP for O-Cloud is that Outsourcery can deliver professional transformation services to get customers into the cloud in a planned, measured and customer specific manner’.

James Griffin, Director of Product Strategy, said “We have built the O-Cloud to de-risk the adoption of cloud for line of business applications. By engineering our platform to include enterprise grade security and DR features as standard, we are re-defining the acceptable standards for true business-grade cloud. Today, many of these essential features are often excluded from customer solutions altogether, or included at a prohibitive price premium. Outsourcery’s approach de-mystifies the process of selecting a cloud partner and goes beyond the technology to ensure that the customer has the services and solutions running as their business defines. By providing professional transformation services we are able to help our customers plan, migrate and deploy services onto the O-Cloud and minimise any risks – perceived or otherwise.”

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