Outsourcery Moves SMEs From Spreadsheet To Streamlined CRM

A new service from Outsourcery will enable SMEs to make the leap from adhoc customer records to fully integrated big-business level CRM solutions – a key priority for fast growing small businesses according to Microsoft.

Scribe software’s Insight solution takes customer information from existing databases and integrates it into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once the initial transfer of data is complete, SMEs can decide whether to maintain both systems and run them in tandem, or to move wholly to Microsoft CRM. The customised solution is then hosted at Outsourcery’s secure state-of-the-art data centres to ensure customer records remain protected, synchronised and available at all times to employees accessing the system through their computers.

By using Scribe Insight, companies only need to input customer information once and it will be automatically shared by other designated business systems, ensuring that all records are kept up to date, no matter where employees are working. Linking this to a hosted CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives SMEs access to an enterprise-class solution without major capital expenditure on in-house infrastructure.

This type of IT integration was listed in Microsoft’s first annual SMB Insight Report as one of the five key business priorities for small businesses in the year ahead. The report revealed that SMEs are focusing on IT investments that will benefit the bottom line – by reducing operating costs, improving employee productivity or acquiring and retaining customers.

“With Scribe Insight innovative hosting companies like Outsourcery can offer master data management solutions which are unique to each of their customers that are cost effective, low maintenance and easily upgraded.” Stated Lynn Harrington, Director, EMEA for Scribe Software BV.

Mark Seemann, product strategy and development director at Outsourcery commented, “Many SMEs recognise that their customer records are no longer fit for purpose, but the thought of the time and effort required to migrate years worth of critical customer information into a new CRM system is enough to put them off the upgrade. Scribe technology is the perfect solution as it removes this burden, but also means that any future data is also captured by the CRM system, regardless of how it’s recorded by staff.”

“The introduction of the Scribe solution into our product portfolio demonstrates our strategy of providing SMEs with the IT that is going to make a tangible difference to their business, without it costing them the time and expense of managing the solution themselves. There are so many hosted services out there that are just ‘nice to have’ – we’re working with our partners such as Microsoft to provide access to effective technology that will benefit their existing business and streamline it for future growth.”

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