Over 100 million LTE mobile broadband subscribers by 2014

The number of LTE next generation networks is set to grow significantly with the number of subscribers exceeding 100 million by 2014, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

The LTE report found that these market numbers will be buoyed by the embedding of broadband capabilities within consumer electronics devices such as MP3 players, netbooks and digital cameras.

Juniper Research forecast that whilst subscribers will largely use handsets such as smart phones, and laptops, consumers will be motivated to connect devices in the home by LTE.

Report author Howard Wilcox commented: “There is intense activity in the LTE market right now, with in excess of 30 network operator commitments. Operators and vendors alike are moving rapidly to jump on the road to LTE, attracted by the connectivity-based opportunities that the technology offers. Sony, for example, announced that network connectivity is one of three top priority actions.”

However, the report determined that there are still several open issues that need addressing before the market takes off. One of these is the issue of device convergence: what will a smart phone look like, and be capable of, in three years’ time?

Further report findings include: While early LTE adopters will be enterprise subscribers, consumers will begin to take up LTE based services towards 2012 to 2013; there will be multiple millions of LTE subscribers as early as 2011; embedded LTE chipsets will become the second most popular means of access behind SIM cards by 2014.

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