Packeteer Rolls Out New Unified Central Management System

Packeteer, the provider of WAN application delivery, has announced the availability of IntelligenceCenter, a comprehensive application and WAN management platform that enables enterprise and service provider customers to easily monitor, enforce and optimise application performance levels with advanced, graphically-rich and highly customisable reporting capabilities.

IntelligenceCenter provides a single sign on Web 2.0-based interface with simplified portal access to each of its performance monitoring and reporting, policy enforcement and Packeteer system configuration modules. The IntelligenceCenter system, which is comprised of the IntelligenceCenter Console, the IntelligenceCenter Reporting Module, and the highly efficient IntelligenceCenter Data Collector, will scale to centrally manage up to 2,500 PacketShaper, iShaper, and iShared appliances concurrently.

Among the most strategic new features of IntelligenceCenter’s modular architecture is a new Application Performance Monitoring Portal. This enables customers to define, monitor and set threshold-based performance levels for all file-based, transactional, voice and video applications. This ensures that existing applications perform to the highest performance standards and streamlines the process of troubleshooting new application rollouts.

“While WAN optimisation continues its rapid inroads as one of the most strategic network infrastructure technologies, the table stakes are being raised yet again,” said Peter Sevcik, president of NetForecast. “Enterprises and service providers are now starting to demand WAN-based application service level agreements. Simply put, they want absolute assurances that any data, voice and/or video application can be delivered within measurable performance and reliability service level parameters to any user at any location, especially during peak load conditions. Packeteer’s IntelligenceCenter is playing an instrumental role in delivering on this promise.”

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