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Ireland’s Voice And Data Market Leader Expands Into The UK

Ireland’s largest voice and data solutions and services company has acquired UK-based ITS Technology Services Ltd (ITS). The acquisition, by…


Most businesses have email security policies in place, finds survey

A recent survey paints positive picture of email security but compliance problems remain. Only 20 per cent of companies have a full understanding


First London (020) 3 number blocks released from 1 June 2005

Ofcom has announced that it will release the first blocks of London (020) 3 numbers to telecoms providers from 1 June 2005. Providers will then start…


New Data Protection Laws

The government has acknowledged that much work needs to be done to improve UK data protection laws, according to a new report. The report, by law


Business bosses stuck off for flouting cold calling rules

Three bosses at telesales business Berger & Co were disqualified from acting as directors after a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) investigation


8 million broadband connections by 2005?

In February 2004 BT announced that the number of ADSL (Broadband) connections in the UK had exceeded two million &

they now estimate eight million…