Panasonic Phone Assistant Targets Improved Communications

Panasonic has introduced their new phone assistant software which provides an assortment of highly intuitive and advanced feature software to get the most out of the Panasonic TDA Hybrid IP PBX making use easy and simple for the user. The new Phone Assistant combines the advanced features of the Hybrid IP PBX together with personal computer characteristics to provide outstanding software that allows fast click operations from your computer, increasing both personal, team and business productivity.

Applications which are provided on the software come in Express, which is included your TDA PBX and are fully featured licensed versions aimed at targeting three aspects of business telecommunication requirements.

Firstly, it allows and aids personal productivity, secondly it shows status enabling managers and team leaders to monitor employee activity and lastly the phone assistant provides, ‘Phone assistant manager’ (Free Web Interface) useful for IT administrators.

The unique applications, distinctive to the Phone Assistant will significantly enhance performance, ensuring ultimate targets can be reached and high productivity is achieved, driving your business up to the next level.

The on screen call related information facilities allow users to navigate the assistant with ease and use shortcuts to handle calls more efficiently enhancing personal productivity and service levels and reducing the number of unanswered or misdirected calls. Designed to keep your desktop organized, a small pop up tray will inform the user of any incoming calls, which can then be diverted to a mobile enabling further user flexibility.

Once back in the office the software will inform the user of the number of missed calls guarantying an opportunity is never missed.

Additional software, including the Panasonic IP camera can be integrated into the software to allow users to answer door phones and open after viewing who is at the other end.

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