Panasonic releases i-Pro Smart HD range

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, is pleased to announce that the latest range of i-Pro Smart HD 360 degree network dome cameras, the WV-SW400/WV-SF400 series, are designed with the signature Panasonic reliability and feature Mega Super Dynamic technology that delivers 128x broader dynamic range. These series are composed of the WV-SF438, WV-SF448 and WV-SW458 and 548M.

All of these product lines have 360 degree monitoring capabilities, with a variety of transmission modes including Wall Panorama, Double Panorama and Quad PTZ ensuring precise recording in certain areas. They also have a number of features to enhance image quality, improve operational efficiency and reduce the burden on the network through enhanced “UniPhier” and 2 areas VIQS.

The entire series provides 1080p HD images at up to 30 IPS and because the camera is powered by Panasonic UniPhier® technology, concurrent H.264 and JPEG streams are transmitted, enabling simultaneous real time monitoring and FULL HD recording. Prioritised Stream Control also enables a priority video stream so that when multiple recorders and client PCs are simultaneously accessing the camera, frame rates are continuously maintained and quality of service is ensured for total security continuity.

Additionally, Face Detection and Mega Super Dynamic range technologies ensure clear and focussed facial images are captured for identification purposes. The Face Detection functionality also means that when a registered suspect’s face is observed by the camera, it can automatically be sent and an alarm can be triggered through a compatible network video recorder, alerting security personnel. This effectively adds another set of eyes in a surveillance monitoring team, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing costs.

The advanced SW400/SF400 series also feature VMD , which can be programmed to trigger email alerts and other alarm outputs when movement is detected in one of the 4 pre-selected areas. VMD enables security personnel to automatically be notified of possible security concerns and reduce their response time. What’s more, with the selectable light control modes in an indoor scene, 50Hz / 60Hz fluorescent lighting has no effect on image quality meaning setup times and costs are significantly reduced and end user satisfaction is maximised.

The combination of these features with the Privacy Zone that covers up to 4 private areas such as windows or entrances / exits, makes the SW400/SF400 ideal where surveillance is needed in complicated site locations.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the WV-SF448 and WV-SW458 and 458M have Vandal Resistant capabilities and are designed to fit a variety of unique applications. The WV-SF448 features a Vandal Resistant mechanism for high reliability as well as a mechanical shutter. The mechanical shutter is situated above the lense and can be opened and closed as necessary. The
WV-SW458 and 458M are suited for external applications as well as internal, as they possess a dehumidification device as well as an Ingress Protection Rating certified at IP66. This takes extreme resistance to the elements to the next level; guaranteeing total dust tightness and protection of the camera against even the most powerful jets of water blasted at it from any direction. This means that when located in highly inhospitable positions, even in violent storms, the WV-SW458 will provide the continuity of service needed to meet the highest expectations in the security industry. The ‘M’
version also features an M12 connector which is specifically designed to firmly secure machine-to-machine connections so that cables screw on tightly and lock in place. This enables system implementers to easily link controllers, multimedia devices and surveillance equipment. This element makes the WV-SW458M ideal for the transport industry.

With the latest addition to the Panasonic surveillance range possessing unprecedented intelligent functionality, end users have greater peace of mind and confidence that security objectives can be achieved and installers will guarantee added value for their clients.

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