Panduit Predicts Accelerated Adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Supplier of electrical and network solutions, Panduit, has released its latest research paper, ‘Applications driving the adoption of Power over Ethernet’. The paper highlights the benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE), which include significantly reduced installation costs, centralised management of assets and the opportunity to greatly reduce power consumption within a company’s facilities and that these benefits have gained widespread recognition and are driving development of new applications and demand for PoE enabling technologies.

Alan Farrimond, managing director Panduit EMEA, commented, “Increased customer demand for PoE solutions indicates that the advantages of the technology are finally receiving the market recognition they deserve. PoE enabled applications currently available include, VoIP telephony, wireless access points and IP surveillance. The availability of new and more advanced PoE applications will further drive market demand. The task of Panduit is to continue to enable current and future generations of PoE applications with complete structured cabling infrastructure.”

David Palmer Stevens, PoE Solutions Manager at Panduit, said, “Where previously all peripheral network devices needed to be installed within reach of an AC mains outlet, now they don’t. This has hugely simplified installation and removed the need for a layer of additional hardware. These factors have driven out as much as 80% of the cost of installations. With the ability to centrally manage power usage through the IP network and the development of increasingly power efficient devices, the ongoing cost savings in terms of electricity bills could reach as much 94% for some devices within the next 15 months.”

“Applications are being further developed to take better advantage of this and the next generation PoE standards, which will raise available wattage from 15W to 30W. New applications include thin client computers with low-energy white LED screens. With regular PCs drawing in the region of 350W and these low energy PCs predicted to draw just 20W, we expect their commercial availability in 2008 to further accelerate adoption of PoE. Other areas of PoE application innovation include, motorised network cameras, IP telephony videophones, RFID readers and access-control systems.”

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