Pangea Looks at the Big Data Cycle Stats

Over the past three weeks, Pangea have been using IoT devices to track Business Development Manager’s, Terence le Poer Trench, performance as he trains for RideLondon100 to help raise money for stem4 as part of The Big Data Cycle.

Terence has been using an IoT enabled bicycle equipped with a monitoring device from one of Pangea’s IoT ecosystem partners, WRD Systems. Andy White, Managing Director at WRD says “small devices such as these allow users the flexibility to gather data over a wide area and with their low cost of entry can be deployed in large numbers to generate a huge amount of data.” Compatible with hundreds of sensors, the Geonode device has been designed to collect data specifically on Terence’s training progress and important environmental information.

Terence had this to say on his training, “After more than 22 hours of training so far, we have been able to get some really informative metrics from the data collected. It has not only helped me with my training performance, but the device is also showing us some valuable data about air pollution levels across Surrey and London.”

IoT is fast becoming the go to tactic in helping world champions win sporting events, with performance metrics collected by IoT devices such as speed, movement, and location helping cyclists to improve strategies for training. With a better understanding of his rides, Terence has been able to leverage IoT analytics to make more informed choices and has improved his mile time by 11 seconds.

Data cycle

The data collected also provides an overview of air quality. Recently, Terence completed part of the race day route to collect data on pollution levels with a normal flow of traffic. Pangea can then test these results against the data collected on the same route when roads are closed on race day to see if traffic has a major influence on air quality levels throughout the day.

With this information on environmental points, a number of initiatives could be used to improve air quality, including more accurate and efficient tree planting, or rerouting traffic to ease congestion.

Pangea will continue to monitor Terence’s performance using his IoT enabled bicycle over the next two weeks leading up to the RideLondon100 event taking place on July 30th. If you would like to sponsor Terence and his efforts to raise money for stem4 please donate here:

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine