Pangea recruit leading Wireless Communications PhD

Pangea’s 5G Project has hit the next stage—they’ve recruited a System Architect to head up the project from their London HQ.

At the start of this year, Pangea launched their joint 5G Project alongside Kingston University and Innovate UK with the goal of developing a world-first: enhanced video compression and data transfer capabilities over 5G connectivity. This tech will have some seriously powerful applications in the field—particularly within emergency services, a sector as crucial as it is expensive. Ambulance operators will be able to triage patients over video streams while en-route to A&E, enabling speedier response times that could reduce costs by up to £90m for ambulance trusts and, critically, save lives.

Following the launch, the next step was to recruit a top-class, qualified, and talented graduate into their team to unite the commercial and academic sides of the 5G Project. Introducing Dr Arslan Usman, their new System Architect.

Having completed his PhD in IT Convergence Engineering in South Korea, Arslan is credited with over 30 academic publications within the Wireless Communications field, with a heavy focus on 5G wireless networks.

“I’m thrilled to join the Pangea team at such a crucial time in the evolution of the world’s cellular networks,” Dr Usman said. “My role as System Architect is an exciting one, as we have an ambitious agenda at hand—turning extensive research work from the world of 5G and beyond into user-centric, front-line devices and platforms. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by many experienced and dedicated professionals as we work together to meet our aspirations.”

Pangea’s Ops Director Chris Romeika commented, “We’re very excited to welcome Arslan into the team as the first person to have hands-on, in-depth 5G experience from the lab environment. To deliver a cutting-edge project while working with leading universities and research beds requires top-notch experience and expertise; both of which Arslan has in abundance.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine