Partners Attracted by Simple VC Solution

Nimans formed a strategic alliance with BlinkPipe last year and is looking to build upon an initial successful launch by the company. Based on ‘lip sync’ technology – fusing voice over the phone and video over the internet – users simply plug a BlinkPipe camera into a TV and a traditional meeting room audio conference unit….. and HD video calls can be instantly made and received.

Over 50 resellers are set to come on board over the coming months attracted by simple accreditation, discounted demo kits and easy deployment and usage. In addition to the camera, a BlinkPipe Hub cloud service delivers group video calls and screen sharing between BlinkPipe hardware, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans, says BlinkPipe is a unique solution for resellers to upgrade sites from audio to video conferencing, particularly SMB locations.

“Video Conferencing is now within the reach of all businesses, big and small,” he explained. “Users simply walk in, sit down and dial… that’s it! They can experience wide angle HD images, 3x optical zoom and face tracking technology for a fraction of the price of other enterprise room systems. Tiered subscriptions suit different business needs.”

Dave Gwilt, BlinkPipe Co-founder, pointed out: “We believe high quality video gives so much more feedback than voice alone. It can change the outcome of a call. We started BlinkPipe to make it unbelievably simple and cost effective for businesses to switch to video calling. Plug our camera into a TV and a conference phone and the next call will have HD video.

“Working with Nimans enables us to take the brand to a new level – and most importantly it allows their resellers to capture additional revenue from their own customer bases, or target new areas of activity.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine