Pay as you go broadband dongles to prove popular at Christmas, the independent broadband information and comparison service, predicts that mobile broadband dongles on pay as you go tariffs will prove popular as Christmas gifts.

Offers such as the recently launched O2 Pay and Go plan starts with a initial purchase price of just £29 for the USB Modem Dongle. Once purchased, users simply buy the usage required online, which is £2 per day for 500 MB, £7.50 per week, or £15 for 30 days. Another plus point is that the credit checking process is far simpler.

With no set monthly payment due, there is less risk to the network provider so they may not perform a full credit check. Users can confirm this by looking over the terms and conditions of the offer prior to purchase.

Manoj Solanki from, commented: “Mobile Broadband pay as you go dongles are a great way to get flexible mobile internet access without the worry of being tied in to a lengthy contract. Most of the mobile networks offer a PAYG dongle, costing from around £29 to £50, and can be purchased online, or in stores such as PC World. These make them a perfect gift for friends and loved ones at Christmas, or anyone who wants flexible mobile broadband on the move.”

Along with PAYG dongles, free laptop deals have also proved very popular over the last few months, and this looks to continue in the run up to Christmas. These bundles give you a brand new laptop with a mobile broadband contract, and cost from £25 per month. These are worth considering for those looking out for a new laptop and need wireless internet access. The main point to be aware of with these laptop and mobile broadband deals is that you will be tied in to a lengthy mobile broadband contract, which is normally around two years, says Solanki.

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