Pay-As-You-Go Disaster Remedi

Affordable Business Continuity, is as simple as ABC with CONTINUITYCall, a unique PAYG style ‘phone continuity service from Dorset-based business solution providers

Remedi’s Andrew Holford told us “The recent flooding in Yorkshire was a timely wake-up call reminding us that disasters are good for business, as 95% of businesses do not protect voice continuity it’s a huge untapped and lucrative market.”

The Enterprise Version of CONTINUITYCall took two years to design into a high margin low priced product, the ideal product for any telecoms dealer can add to their portfolio.

Uniqueness is a theme that runs throughout the CONTINUITYCall design. There’s a PLS (“protection level selector”) system to instantly diverts in-bound calls to locations pre-fixed according to four different levels of severity and, once received, even single line home-based workers can put callers on hold or transfer them onwards. They can also make business calls that hide their home number from the destination by presenting the CLI of their normal head office.

Unique is a word that can even be applied to Remedi’s unusual PAYG tariff which prevents high rates from being charged until a disaster strikes and, as Holford reminded us, the savvy business will even cover that with insurance!

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