Payphones enter the IP age

The UK’s first-ever IP payphones, suitable for a host of environments, have been launched. Hailed as a major breakthrough, the popular Solitaire 6000 and 6000HS models have been injected with IP functionality to create payphones with added power.

Available exclusively from distributor Nimans, the network-based devices offer the potential of low-cost calls and a plethora of useful owner features – not available on standard payphones – such as return missed calls, prevent anonymous calls and block caller ID.

“The traditional payphone has become a firm favourite in guest houses, taxi ranks, hotels, hospitals, prisons and universities,” explained Andy Winfield, Purchasing Director at Nimans. “In recent years many organisations have migrated to IP but the payphone has somewhat been left behind, until now.”

As well as significantly lower call charges – to boost margins – there’s the option to divert incoming calls to another IP extension outside of normal working hours, such as a mobile phone. The IP Solitaire 6000 and high security HS models can operate on the simplest to the most sophisticated network; anywhere with a broadband line and router.

Call waiting indication (tone based), do not disturb, distinctive ringing (to identify calls from head office or a customer etc) and forward calls when busy, are some of the many advantages of the IP payphones that also boast quick and easy installation.

Andy concluded: “These two models represent a quantum leap forward as they propel the payphone into today’s modern IP era. Low cost calls offer the potential of even more revenue for end users, further enhancing their appeal. We expect demand to be huge.”

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