Paytoo mobile wallet platform debuts in US

Deposits to mobile wallet accounts on Paymotech’s Paytoo mobile platform is now possible at 150,000 stores in North America through its alliance with Prepay Nation.

Paymotech, provider of telecoms and mobile payment solutions and a provider of Top-Up or instant account refills for international prepaid mobile phone users, has signed an agreement with Prepay Nation that will make Paytoo’s mobile money solution accessible through Prepay Nation’s extensive retail distribution network.

The Paytoo service provides users with the ability to store money in mobile wallet accounts and to transfer money internationally through the Paytoo Network. Through its partnership with Prepay Nation, Paytoo will allow mobile phone users to add credit instantly, inexpensively and securely to their Paytoo account at convenient retail locations throughout North America.

The initial alliance is focused on those Paytoo customers within the US, sending money to the South American and Asian markets. Additional countries will be added to the network toward the end of 2011, including countries in Africa.

Paytoo’s rapid growth reinforces the company’s commitment to deliver brand innovation to an ever-growing mobile community. This initiative builds customer loyalty and trust in some of the world’s most competitive mobile marketplaces; and establishes a promising alliance with Prepay Nation, a leader in mobile platform solutions.

“Working alongside one of the world’s leading hubs for mobile Top-Up will build more confidence and trust in our services,” said Michel Poignant, CEO of Paymotech.

Paymotech, Paytoo’s parent company intends to become a major international mobile wallet solution, offering payment services to any GSM network in the world.

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