Peripherals Can Add Life to Slowing Sales

Peripheral sales could be the ‘missing ingredient’ for resellers looking to inject new life into their product portfolio, to help maintain revenue streams in tougher trading times. That’s the view of distributor Nimans who say handsets, conferencing and other add-ons represent an ideal opportunity to boost margins and offset any slower growth elsewhere.

“In these more challenging economic times it is important that resellers focus on their existing customer bases and look at how they can introduce as many value-add services as possible – to maximise their own sales potential,” said Head of Conferencing and Handset Sales, Ian Brindle.

“Historically the peripherals market has been a reactive rather than a proactive sell but because of the slowing general market, peripherals represent an even more valuable opportunity to raise extra revenue. For example we are experiencing additional demand and growth with audio conferencing.”

Nimans boasts an extensive peripheral product range which allows resellers to complete a job from start to finish, as Ian added: “Our audio conferencing portfolio for example provides a solution for any environment, from small meeting rooms to large boardrooms – connecting via many different methods such as SIP, analogue, DECT and even Bluetooth. Historically, the majority of resellers would supply on-demand, however an increasing number are becoming more proactive in this area and enjoying great success in increasing sales and revenue.

“Video conferencing is another area they should be focusing on, particularly with the recent launch of the Polycom QDX 6000 which offers genuine plug and play functionality, straight out of the box, with just five basic steps to get it up and running.”

Brindle concluded: “There are still some resellers who do not realise how easy it is to integrate and sell peripheral items such as conferencing – and that’s without even discussing the margins to be made. Businesses are always interested in saving time and money and conferencing addresses both these areas, providing a powerful sales proposition by generating a very fast return on investment. For my mind the main skills a reseller needs is just a willingness and enthusiasm to sell. We can help them with the rest.”

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