Philips IP DECT Upgrade

Philips Business Communications (PBC) has announced software release 3.0 of its SOPHO Business Mobility IP DECT solution. Based on the current AP200 DECT access points, the capacity and capabilities of this wireless IP telephony solution are now further enhanced. By adding SIP the IP DECT solution will become an easy add-on to potentially every SIP enabled PBX.

The vendor says that with many companies switching over to a Voice over IP network, Philips’ Business Mobility IP DECT is a unique wireless solution that combines the benefits of IP telephony with the qualities and facilities of the well-established DECT technology.

With this new software release Philips drastically increases the capacity of Business Mobility IP DECT to 255 access points and 6000 handsets, making IP DECT suitable to serve even the larger organizations. The solution no longer requires a server PC to control call set-up, which increases availability and reduces cost. Echo suppression is improved and QoS by VLAN/priority tagging is added, providing even higher quality of speech. In combination with Philips’ messaging solution SOPHO Messenger@Net, IP DECT now also offers location detection, making sure people can always be located when needed.

Last but not least, the new software release offers a SIP interface between Business Mobility IP DECT and the hosting PBX. This allows easy integration with non-Philips PBX platforms, making IP DECT available to virtually everybody to enjoy. On top of the peer-to-peer SIP basic call, Philips’ IP DECT supports call transfer, DTMF, name display and message waiting indication.

According to Frank van Ormondt, Business Manager for Wireless solutions at PBC, there are many more IP DECT innovations to come from Philips in 2006. “IP DECT will cross the 255 access point boundary, allowing large institutions, such as universities and hospitals, to make all staff mobile. In addition to that there are further SIP enhancements to be expected,” says Frank.

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