Picsel updates popular Picsel Smart Office application

Picsel UK today announces that its popular application, Picsel Smart Office, has been updated to version 1.5 with enhanced features that make working on the move easier than ever before. Picsel Smart Office was the first and only document editor to deliver a consistent viewing and editing experience across the Apple App Store, Android Market and Samsung Apps, and Picsel are also pleased to reveal that the application is now available to even more consumers worldwide through Nokia’s Ovi Store and the Vodafone 360 platform.

Picsel Smart Office’s superior document viewing and editing software has brought the next generation of mobile office solutions to millions of handsets today. The updated version of Picsel Smart Office adds more functionality to allow users to work smarter from their mobile. For example, Picsel Smart Office now allows users to take full advantage of cloud-based working by offering users the opportunity to view, edit and save revised documents onto Dropbox accounts straight from their mobile. Picsel Smart Office also makes editing documents even easier by updating the popular contextual editing and drag and drop interface. For example, Picsel Smart Office now includes a slide sorter interface to edit PowerPoint documents which allows users to easily reorder slides by simply dragging and dropping them into their new position.

As well as extending Picsel Smart Office onto new platforms, Picsel has also developed a specific version of the application for tablets which takes advantage of the larger screens. For example, when users select text to edit, a call-out box with editing options will appear instead of a ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

Imran Khand, CEO at Picsel UK, explains: “We’re delighted with the popularity of our current Picsel Smart Office application, but we’re not stopping there. We want to help our users to have a seamless mobile office experience and we have listened to their feedback on the first version of Picsel Smart Office to add in new features that they want, and to enhance the features that they really enjoy and use. For example, consumers are no longer happy just to be able to store their documents in the cloud and access them from their computers; they want to view and edit these files from their mobile as well, so we added this functionality to the application. Picsel Smart Office v1.5 will help users work smarter on the move.”

As the successor to the world’s most popular document viewing system, Picsel File Viewer, which was installed on over 400 million mobile handsets, Picsel Smart Office has become a popular choice for consumers who want to do more with their mobile.

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