Pinacl Solutions Innovation drive down customers costs

Pinacl Solutions, the UK Managed Service Provider, has recently deployed a new service called ‘Pinacl Plus’ which by means of innovation can drive down its customer costs while increase IT service delivery.

Pinacl Plus is supported by a back end Network Operations Centre (NOC) which is manned 24/7 by highly skilled engineers who use the latest in advanced monitoring techniques. From here real time alerting of networks are monitored with remote backups of all network devices taken along with syslog management.

Customers who have benefited from Pinacl Plus include Northumbria NHS, Thomas Deacon Academy and Wiltshire Police Authority. With each case Pinacl Plus has reduced the total cost of ownership as technical issues have been captured in a proactive manner from the central NOC. Coupled with advanced reporting, Pinacl Plus also assists with Availability, Capacity and Configuration Management.

Liam Wynne, business lead on Pinacl Plus adds, “We have been able to demonstrate to customers in difficult times of cut backs, real cost savings through power management, remote engineer support, proactive monitoring, power management and we have been able to unlock the potential of the cloud. Also, our advanced reporting which we issue to customers each month along with an onsite service review highlights cost savings initiatives and any potential issues on the horizon allowing their IT service to become more proactive.”

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