Pipex Launch New Broadband Services

ISP Pipex has announced the launch of a range of new broadband services which the company says are perfect for small businesses that require a faster upstream connection.

With higher guaranteed bandwidth, the new services with Enhanced Upstream enable businesses to allow faster and more robust uploading and run multiple online services simultaneously such as voice over IP, video conferencing and online business applications.

Enhanced Upstream is based on the faster ‘up to 24Mb’ ADSL 2+ technology and offers product performance up to 2.5Mb downstream and 16Mb upstream. The customer must be on an ADSL2+ enabled exchange and speeds achieved are subject to distance from the exchange, line quality and the customer’s own equipment. The new Enhanced Upstream services from Pipex provide an upstream speed increase of up to 2.5Mb* which is up to six times faster than standard ADSL based business broadband products.

Pipex Pro with Enhanced Upstream offers up to 16Mb downstream and 2.5Mb upstream for only £19.50 a month ex VAT*. There is even a solution for those who require a more powerful business broadband solution; Pipex Premium Plus with Enhanced Upstream offers the same upstream and downstream performance (guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth) of 1Mb for just £49 a month.

The new Pipex broadband packages include a host of attractive features such as prioritised traffic to avoid slow down in performance during peak hours, and guaranteed bandwidth, allowing a defined amount of constant 200Kb*, 500Kb* or 1Mb* of bandwidth throughout the day. These features mean that business traffic does not experience the delays normally experienced by ADSL based broadband users making it ideal for video conferencing, Voice over IP and similar online applications.

Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director for Pipex, says: “Download speed alone is not necessarily a critical performance factor for businesses. Small businesses providing professional services such as new media, design, architecture or technology will be liberated by enhanced and assured upstream. In addition businesses wanting the consistency and reliability from their broadband to run multiple and real-time applications such as Voice over IP, conferencing and remote applications will benefit from these new powerful services at a fraction of the cost of traditional BT SDSL services”.

* All speeds are dependent on distance from the BT exchange

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