Pipex Wireless Broadband Trial

Pipex is entering the next phase of development of its wireless broadband offering utilising its national 3.6-4.2GHz spectrum licence. This follows encouraging initial results from the 802.16-2004 compliant WiMAX trial running in conjunction with Airspan Networks. The trial network has achieved stable service delivery and drive tests with Airspan’s EasyST self install modem have delivered non-line-of-sight connectivity in excess of 1km from the base station.

Pipex say that understanding and demonstrating the real world performance of this new and evolving technology is important to establish its commercial potential. Software and capacity upgrades continue to be applied to the trial installation to increase both its range and throughput capacity for the remainder of the trial period. Speeds up to 8Mbps should be achievable by March 2006, enabling PIPEX to deliver innovative and competitive broadband services to the UK market.

The emergence of ‘personal broadband’ where customer connectivity is available in locations outside the home or office and the potential for Wi-Fi / WiMAX integration suggest demand for new wireless services will significantly increase as compatible devices become available.

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