Plantronics Launch Manager Pro

Plantronics has launched Plantronics Manager Pro v3.9, which provides operational, historical, and contextual data on voice interactions and headset usage patterns with the subscription to new analysis suites.

With Plantronics Manager Pro, customers and channel partners can use powerful services like data analysis and business intelligence to easily understand trends, evaluate options, ensure compliance, and make better decisions so their enterprise runs smoothly.

“The release of Plantronics Manager Pro v3.9 clearly demonstrates the vendor’s move from a hardware manufacturer to a software-focused platform provider that is aiming to help its customers transform their entire business,” said Melanie Turek, Fellow and Vice President, Frost & Sullivan. “Leveraging this new cloud-based solution, IT and line-of-business managers can manage devices and ensure call quality. But more importantly, they can also quickly collect and analyze broader business data to derive actionable insights about people, usage, anomalies, compliance, trends and more. It’s exciting to see Plantronics move into business analytics, which has enormous potential for enabling true digital transformation.”

“Every company depends on data analytics to make strategic decisions. But until recently, the types of insights that improve collaboration and customer service at the point of interaction have been scarce,” said Christopher Thompson, vice president of enterprise product marketing, Plantronics. “With Plantronics Manager Pro, we’re taking the next steps to assure customers and co-workers hear the smile in the voice on the other end of the call as they communicate and collaborate with each other. We’re transforming the headset from a simple endpoint peripheral into an intelligent system-level data aggregator.”

By integrating with existing managed service offerings, Plantronics Manager Pro helps channel partners create higher-value relationships with existing customers and attract new ones. Resellers gain the ability to remotely manage configuration and push out settings and firmware updates to help customers plan ahead, eliminate known configuration problems, and quickly respond to service inquiries.

Plantronics Manager Pro is available in 143 countries as an annual or three-year subscription service, from Plantronics Approved Resellers.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine