PlayPhone EMEA selects Sybase Advanced Analytics

Sybase, enterprise and mobile software company, has announced that PlayPhone EMEA, the branded mobile entertainment firm, has selected Sybase IQ to provide more comprehensive, easily accessible, accurate and current information about its customers and marketing campaigns.

PlayPhone EMEA also uses Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to ensure high performance, reliability, security and low administrative support requirements with the implementation of a transactional system geared to very high performance for processing customer orders.

Sybase Professional Services created a proof of concept with Sybase IQ running on Red Hat Linux on a commodity server and employing the SAS Business Intelligence Server as its front end. Based on this proof of concept success, PlayPhone rolled out the Sybase IQ-powered business intelligence system across its EMEA enterprise. Currently, all of the division’s transactional and archival data resides in Sybase IQ.

“When you’re running a business like ours, success is all about generating volume,” explained Simon Rose, PlayPhone director of infrastructure for EMEA. “That requires the rapid planning and execution of simultaneous, large scale marketing campaigns. With Sybase IQ, we now have the business intelligence to make marketing decisions based on accurate and current data of customer behaviour, and purchasing histories to ensure we are running more efficient and cost effective campaigns. Better campaigns are helping us achieve our goal to become the largest subscription-based mobile content provider.

“Sybase IQ has enabled us to gain a single view of our data for reporting and data mining purposes,” added Rose. “It’s been extremely stable and reliable. Having the ability to use the developer edition of Sybase IQ has allowed us to try different things before actually implementing them. We now have more than gut instinct to guide us in the current business environment.”

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