Plusnet launches Plusnet Pro

Plusnet has launched a new, additional bolt-on to its broadband packages called Plusnet Pro.

Plusnet Pro is a traffic prioritisation service perfect for gamers and home workers who want to make the best of their broadband experience. With Plusnet Pro, the user’s traffic is prioritised and maintains stable and reliable broadband at full speed across the entire day.

Having a prioritisation service means customers are guaranteed lower latency, so no matter how busy the network gets there will be no slowdown to their service, meaning customers can still experience uninterrupted downloads.

This is beneficial to those who game in real-time, utilise services such as Team Speak and interact with other players on-line using a fast broadband connection. Home workers using a company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) can benefit from video conferencing with such services gaining precedence over the network.

This product development is unique to Plusnet and underlines the importance the ISP has always given to traffic management. Since 2007, Plusnet has carried detailed information on traffic management on its website.

Following the recent call-to-action from the Broadband Stakeholder Group, Plusnet has committed to early adoption of the Key Facts Indicator and made this available to customers in April 2011.

Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet said: “Just like paying a little extra to do a fast check-in at the airport, Plusnet Pro is for users who want to ensure the best possible high performance internet experience even at busy times.

With Fibre not yet available in many areas of the country this is the best service accessible to all the market to ensure lower latency and that you
get the fastest speeds available to you regardless of when you’re online.

“Prioritising service isn’t simply about managing capacity at peak times, it is also about experience. All of our products offer a prioritised VoIP service so that facilities such as Skype and FaceTime run smoothly in the home – even when someone else in the house starts web browsing or streaming a TV show. As a Pro customer you will get this further prioritisation which really benefits when gaming or when using a VPN.”

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