PlusNet to Trial Tiscali’s Wholesale LLU Broadband

Tiscali, the internet and broadband company, has announced that PlusNet, one of the largest ADSL based ISPs in the UK, will trial its Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) wholesale service using ADSL and ADSL2+ technology.

PlusNet will trial the LLU based services with a view to offering its customers higher speed broadband up to 8Mbps and 24Mbps with ADSL2+, within Tiscali’s unbundled areas.

Tiscali has over five years experience in wholesale DSL with its national DataStream network so an LLU wholesale offer is the natural progression. The key differentiator for the Tiscali LLU service is the sophistication of the automated interfaces between Tiscali and the Service Provider PlusNet. In addition Tiscali’s Capacity Based Charging mechanism allows the service provider to control costs and manage service provision and capacity more effectively.

Tiscali is currently rolling out its LLU network, with a target of 600 exchanges nationally by the end of 2006.

Nathan Francis, general manager, Tiscali UK Business Services says: “We are pleased that PlusNet has chosen Tiscali as a partner and we will be working very closely with them over the next few months to ensure the trial is a success. This move is consistent with our strategy to build on our existing wholesale base and become a leading supplier of wholesale broadband services to the industry. The combination of an LLU and DataStream wholesale offer reflects Tiscali’s unique position in the UK market.”

Tiscali will continue to offer multi platform broadband services with an aim to providing unbundled services where economically viable. It estimates that its target 600 exchanges will provide over 60% reach in the UK.

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