Pocket option to boost your business

Customers apprehensive at the prospect of making a call to a business mobile could have their concerns allayed as Everything Everywhere distributor, Mainline Digital Communications, launches Orange’s new Pocket Landline service.

Pocket Landline allows customers to have a new fixed line number and to route all calls from this number directly to their Orange mobile, thus providing the credibility of a landline number with the convenience of a mobile. The fully integrated service can be added to any SME business talkplan and with three different plans to choose from at fixed monthly costs, customers can pick a solution to suit their individual needs.

There is a general perception that customers are far happier dialling a landline and are concerned that the mobile option could increase their phone bill without giving the same assurance as a building based landline. Additionally, sole traders and small business operators missed sales opportunities for the same reasons whilst out on the road.

“Having a landline number conveys credibility, but it can be impractical for sole traders if they are away from the office,” said Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “The beauty of Pocket Landline is that they won’t miss those calls and will benefit from more business opportunities as a result.”

“Mainline supplied all the relevant support and information that I needed to in order to connect my customer to Pocket Landline,” comments Charles Wardman, associate director at Wardman UK. “From the very first connection it all went smoothly as they made the whole process clear and easy to follow.

“The operator took me through the connection setup procedure, gave me clear explanations and offered technical support where I needed it. I supplied an email address and picked a phone number with an area code – it was that simple.

“Mainline provides great support for my business and helps me to keep my customers happy, which means I can offer them a great level of service.”

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