Poly unveils new video conferencing devices

Poly has announced the addition of the Poly Studio E70 and Poly Studio X70 to its family of video conferencing solutions.

The devices use Poly’s Director AI technology, which includes acoustic fencing and noise blocking technology. Poly DirectorAI also uses AI and machine learning technology to deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing and tracking.

Beau Wilder, SVP and general manager of video collaboration, Poly, explained, “At Poly we are committed to delivering a broadcast quality experience through our video-conferencing gear. By incorporating film production rules and AI capabilities we are bringing meeting equality to participants in every style of room, regardless of their location.”

Notable features of the Poly Studio E70 (pictured above) and the Poly Studio X70 (pictured below) include dual cameras with 4K sensors, as well as native support and connectivity to the user’s cloud-based video provider of choice. The devices both have an integrated electronic privacy shutter to give users added security.

Both devices are now available worldwide, with the Poly Studio E70 starting at £2690.95 and the Poly Studio X70 starting at £5975.

The Poly Studio X70 and Poly Studio E70 were unveiled at Zoomtopia 2021 and both solutions are Zoom-certified solutions. The devices support for Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, a new offering from Zoom that uses AI to create a gallery view and send up to three unique video streams to frame-up in-room participants to remote attendees.

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