Polycom Delivers SIP Based Attendant Phone Console

Polycom has announced what they claim to be the first full-featured, SIP-based attendant phone console for executive assistants, receptionists, secretaries and administrative assistants who manage and monitor multiple simultaneous calls. The SoundPoint IP attendant phone console is comprised of the new SoundPoint IP 601 SIP desktop phone and up to three SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules.

Designed to improve productivity and effectiveness of telephone attendants, the attendant console allows users to accept, screen, dispatch, and monitor up to 24 concurrent calls. These advanced call-handling capabilities help augment telephone attendant productivity and performance and improve customer satisfaction through faster, more-accurate call routing and fewer dropped calls.

“The SoundPoint IP attendant phone console gives our customers the familiar push-button interface as traditional PBX and key system attendant console solutions, and through SIP delivers expanded capabilities that were not available before,” said Robert Haley, senior engineer with Alltel. “The Polycom attendant phone console offers multiple ways for managing calls, which enables users to adapt the phone to their preferred style. This complements Polycom’s existing line of VoIP phones and fulfils the previously unmet customer need for a desktop phone solution that effectively replaces legacy attendant consoles.”

“As VoIP adoption continues to grow, we are giving customers a complete family of phones that deliver rich features and functionality for all levels of workers,” said Sunil Bhalla, senior vice president and general manager of the voice communications division at Polycom. “The SoundPoint IP 601 equipped with SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules provides executive assistants and telephone attendants with an intuitive, familiar user interface that makes transitioning to VoIP easy. Polycom VoIP phones span from the desktop, to the executive office, to the conference room – and now to the attendant’s desk for a complete range of solutions.”

SoundPoint IP 601 and SoundPoint IP Expansion Module
The SoundPoint IP 601 SIP desktop phone supports six lines and provides a powerful tool for users requiring an advanced feature set. Based on the award-winning SoundPoint IP 600, the SoundPoint IP 601 delivers unsurpassed voice quality with Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology, the expandability to support up to three SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules and advanced functionality including multiple call and flexible line appearances, HTTPS secure provisioning, instant messaging, presence, custom ring tones, and three-way local conferencing*. The phone features built-in, dual-mode, auto-sensing Power over Ethernet circuitry.

The SoundPoint IP Expansion Module augments the user interface of the SoundPoint IP 601 with a high-resolution graphical LCD and 14 illuminated multifunctional keys that can be automatically configured as a line registration, call appearance, or speed-dial/DSS. The SoundPoint IP Expansion Module is a true “plug-and-play” device that requires no configuration or dedicated powering as signaling and power are provided by the host SoundPoint IP 601 phone.

When equipped with up to three SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules, the SoundPoint IP 601 delivers the advanced call handling capabilities and enhanced user interface of a high-performance attendant phone console – featuring up to 4 high resolution LCDs and up to 48 illuminated multifunctional keys – that allows users to effectively accept, screen, dispatch, and monitor up to 24 concurrent calls.

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