Polycom Launch KIRK Wireless Servers

Polycom now offers SIP-based DECT solutions that address the needs businesses large and small – from the SOHO market (KWS 300) to medium-sized businesses (KWS 600v3), and for the largest of enterprises as well (KWS 6000). All KIRK solutions are scalable – both in terms of the number of users as well as the coverage areas supported. The latest additions to the KIRK Wireless Server portfolio include:

The KIRK Wireless Server 300, a SIP-based wireless telephony system, is ideal for smaller sized businesses, by scaling support from one to 12 handsets The KIRK Wireless Server 300 is a single-cell solution that can support up to four simultaneously calls and up to six KIRK repeaters in order to extend the coverage area. Each KIRK repeater increases the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.

The KWS 6000 is a SIP-based enterprise wireless telephony solution that scales from just a handful up to more than 4,000 users. Up to 256 radio units are supported, which when combined with the KIRK Media Resource, can support more than 1,000 simultaneous calls. Each KIRK base station handles 12 simultaneous calls, and customers can scale up based on their individual needs. Additionally, KIRK repeaters can be added to increase the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.

KIRK Wireless Telephones

Polycom offers a broad portfolio of KIRK wireless telephones ranging from a sleek, lightweight model geared to the general office to highly durable and intrinsically safe handsets.

The KIRK 5040 handset, the newest addition to the KIRK product line, is a lightweight DECT phone that combines award-winning design with intuitive user interface and wireless headset that can be operated hands-free and wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset. Like the KIRK 5020, the 5040 can quickly be switched to silent mode and will distinguish between external and internal calls by ring tone. The KIRK 5040 handset also features an intuitive user interface and a large colour-display offering an experience similar to a mobile phone and with the added benefit of hands-free operation.

“We listen to our customers and then design wireless telephone solutions that meet their needs,” said Sten Dyrmose, general manager for Polycom’s DECT business unit. “The addition of the KWS 300 and KWS 6000 allows us to offer enterprise-grade wireless to businesses across the globe, regardless of size. With the introduction of the KIRK 5040, our customers have the option of using a lightweight, stylish handset with an extended battery life, which allows them to move freely about the office while staying in touch whether they prefer to use the telephone itself or communicate using a headset.”

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