Polycom Wireless to Challenge Fixed Handsets

St Albans based distributor Icon says that the new Polycom KIRK 2010 handset is now available to its channel partners.

The handset comes out of the box with power supply, charger and a beltclip included and is less than half the price of the classic KIRK handsets.

Mark Shane, sales manager for Icon commented, “This handset offers exceptional value for money. Not only does it set a new standard for price/performance but it extends the market opportunity for the channel, and in today’s hard times that cannot be a bad thing.”

The 2010 opens up the lower end of the SME market which until now used wired handsets or relied on inferior consumer grade wireless handsets if a mobility solution was required. The handset competes in the same price space as a low end business grade wired handset but comes with the quality backing of the Polycom brand name. It is now almost as cost effective to purchase a wireless mobility solution as it is to use wired handsets.

“Who will want to buy a wired handset solution which ties you to your desk, can result is missed customer orders, and does nothing to increase customer service when, for almost the same budget, they can install a professional wireless solution which lets you roam around your business and still remain contactable?”

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