Postcode Anywhere Announces Real-Time Address Auto-Completion for Salesforce CRM

Address data quality software, Capture+, demonstrated today at Cloudforce London event

Ecommerce specialists at Postcode Anywhere will be demonstrating a new address validation service today at Cloudforce UK, “the largest social enterprise event in Europe,” at the ICC London ExCeL.

The address validation and auto-complete technology, called Capture+, makes address entry easier in Salesforce CRM. Capture+ combines search-engine style auto-suggest technology with worldwide address datasets and integrates with Salesforce CRM’s social enterprise solution in minutes.

Capture+ aims to make customer, contact and lead relationship management simpler with one-click address auto-fill. The service also incorporates extra data, set to “eliminate” common customer address problems such as not having a postcode on file, or not being able to arrange delivery to flats.

Product features

•Predictive auto-completion, Capture+ suggests full results in real-time as any address fragment is entered.
•Better data m, Includes often-missed delivery data for flats and vanity address names, along with daily updates (coming soon).
•Worldwide trading, International addresses available. Returns country-specific options.

Postcode Anywhere’s IT director Jamie Turner said: “Postcode Anywhere has been highlighting the importance of fast and accurate address data for the past ten years, and now serves over three million data requests every day. For most of the people most of the time, we hope that entering an address on most software applications is now a straightforward and simple process.

“Capture+ expands on the web-based “what’s my postcode?” technology Postcode Anywhere pioneered over ten years ago. It’s part of our much more co-ordinated approach to managing data from cradle to grave.

“Now Salesforce CRM users can type any fragment of a UK or international address and return a complete and fully validated record.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “There’s a lot you can do with the humble address. The new predictive suggestion doesn’t just make address entry faster and more intuitive. It should help cure or even eliminate a lot of problems people have with address look-up technology in general: people living in flats, people who don’t remember their postcode, and even people dealing with addresses from overseas.

“With one-click address auto-completion, this new service will make address entry faster, more efficient, and less frustrating.”

Capture+ is available on annual user licences and a pay-as-you-go credit plan. Installation typically takes minutes, and free customer support is available.

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