Power-Up Headset Sales with Nimans and Jabra

Power-up your sales is the message from distributor Nimans who are launching a new product innovation from Jabra that allows wireless headsets to be USB instead of mains powered.

Specifically developed for Jabra’s GN9350e cordless headset, the unique USB power and data cable allows devices to be charged directly from PC’s and laptops for improved user flexibility and convenience.

“With the increasing demand for mains power at the desk and the limited quantity of sockets available, powering a cordless headset can be a challenge for some organisations,” explained Nimans’ Headset Business Manager James Burns. “But with the launch of the new Jabra USB cable, which is in stock and available now from Nimans, a neat and tidy solution is provided, particularly for contact centre environments.”

Burns added that a two metre long cord ensures easy connection to floor mounted computers as well as laptops, and pointed out that the new cable is also compatible with the original GN9350 headset.

“This unique innovation allows dealers to revisit sites that were unable to use cordless headsets in the past due to limited availability of mains power supplies. They can now upgrade to the increased flexibility and performance of cordless headsets without having to worry about how many traditional power points are available – greatly increasing sales opportunities for resellers,” he concluded.

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